Protects oral hygiene and helps to reduce aphthae in mouth.
Supports healthy teething.
Calms both the baby and parents in the teething period.
No added preservatives. Product Content : -German Chamomile
-Calcium Phosphate
-Calcium Carbonate
-Magnesium Phosphate
-Iron Phosphate
– Black Mulberry Extract
– Xylitol
– Starch



Product Info : Tetagil Teething Granules, which includes German Chamomile, Black Mulberry, and Minerals;
Helps to relieve teething pain in the gums.


36 sachets . Intake Recommendation : Use one sachet every two hours for a maximum of 6 sachets during any 24-hour period. The granules will dissolve in baby’s mouth immediately and relieves the teething pain.Side effects: Tetagil Teething Granules is a natural product with no side effects if used correctly.


It should not be used in patients who are known to be sensitive to any of the substances in the product composition.

Storage Conditions

Keep out of reach of children. Store it in package and at room temperature.