Contributes to the proper maintenance of fat metabolism and helps to control weight. It strengthens the immune system, reduces fatigue and slows the aging process.


Support Weight Loss. Raspberry Slim Forte dietary supplement supports the excretion of water from the body. Accelerates burning belly fat, regulates appetite and cleanses the body of toxins.


Raspberry fruit extractRubus idaeus300 mg including raspberry Ketones 150 mg of naturalorigin,extractof African mango seed(Irvinga gabonesis)100mg,extract from leaves of green tea(Camelliasinesis) 50 mg including Polyphenols 22,5 mg, guarana seed extract(Paullinia cupana kunth) 50mg,caffeine11 mg, fruit extractAacai(EuterpeOleracea) 50mg, 20mg Chromium