The active ingredients of the dietary supplement BioSlim Forte assist in losing weight and maintaining proper body mass.
Green tea contained in the formula improves metabolism, accelerates fat burning and purges unwanted toxins. It slows down the aging processes and positively affects well-being.
Garcinia Cambogia reduces appetite and causes a feeling of satiety.
Chromium contained in the product improves metabolism and balances the blood glucose level.
Zinc maintains the proper acid-base balance, in addition to the carbohydrate metabolism and fatty acid balance. Affects the scalp, hair and nails.
Vitamin B6 constitutes to the maintenance of proper energy metabolism, as well as protein and glycogen metabolism. Reduces fatigue and weariness, as well as regulates hormonal activity.
Green tea improves the metabolic process, accelerates fat burning and purges toxins. It stimulates thermogenesis, which is a significant increase in energy consumption. It increases the use of fat as an energy source.
It reduces the existing fat tissue and inhibits new gains, which reduces appetite, cleanses the body and stimulates metabolism, all the while revitalizing the body, which responds better to exercise.
Garcinia Cambogia slows down the storing of fats in the body, reduces appetite and inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. It is also a natural preservative.
Zinc maintains the acid-base balance and fatty acid balance. It is involved in the protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
Zinc plays a part in protein synthesis, and is an important component of digestive enzymes, as well. It helps store insulin and support the immune system.
Vitamin B6 has a wide array of applications, but above all, it facilitates the decomposition of amino acids, fats and carbohydrates. It also contributes to storing energy.
Vitamin B6 reduces fatigue and weariness, and regulates hormonal activity. Leads to improved urination flow.
Chromium maintains a healthy metabolism and blood sugar level, reduces appetite and assists in the weight loss process. It regulates the metabolism of both sugars and fats in the body.


Slims, boosts metabolism, burns fat!
Natural weight loss aid. Improves metabolism, accelerates fat burning, purges unwanted toxins, slows aging processes and positively affects well-being.


• Helps maintain a balanced body weight • Accelerates fat burning and prevents its accumulation in the body • Improves metabolismHow to useTake 1 – 2 tablets per day (preferably take 1 tablet two times a day) with water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, i.e., 2 tablets per day.


Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Product is not intended for pregnant women, nursing mothers or children.Green tea extract – 200mgimproves the metabolic processaccelerates fat burning and purges toxinsslows down the aging proceshas a positive influence on well-beingGarcinia Cambogia extract – 150mgreduces appetitecauses a feeling of fullnessslows down the storing of fats in the bodyZinc 2,5 mgVitamin B6 0,5 mgChromium 20 µg