Night plus

When we sleep little we have more appetite and we accumulate more body fat. Lack of sleep decompensates hormone levels


  • Suitable for:
    Abdominal fat control
    Body fat control
    Daytime appetite control
  •  It promotes night rest
    Stimulants free
    No draining extracts
  •  Standardized extracts
  • 1 daily intake
    (before bedtime)
  • Sweetened with stevia

Nutritional Information

(per daily dose 50ml):
1000mg Ob-XTM, mix of Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis),
White mulberry (Morus alba) and Artemisa
(Artemisa capilaris Thunb) standardized 2,5% rosmarinic
acid, 150mg Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)
standardized 0,5% vitexin, 150mg California
Poppy DE (Eschscholzia California) standardized 0,2%
protopine, 100mg Coleus forskholii standardized 10%
forskolin. 1 dose of 50ml contains: 25mg rosmarinic
acid, 10mg forskolin, 0,75mg vitexin, 0,3mg protopine.

Mode of use

It is recommended to take 50mg a day
before bedtime (unless otherwise prescribed). Shake well
before use.


Water, Ob-XTM (Lemon balm, White mulberry
and Artemisa leaves, maltodextrin); Passionflower DE
(Passionflower aerial parts, maltodextrin); California
Poppy DE ( Poppy aerial parts, maltodextrin); Coleus
forskholii DE (Coleus forskholii aerial parts, maltodextrin)
preservative: potassium sorbate; cherry aroma, acidity
regulator: citric acid; sweetenter: steviol glycosides
(stevia). DE = Dry Extract.