Active ingredients
Red Tea Extract (200 mg), an extract of bean seeds (100 mg), L-carnitine tartrate (34 mg), zinc (5 mg), chromium, (20 μg).
Carefully selected ingredients of the SlimStrong food supplement support the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. They speed up fat tissue metabolism, reduce appetite and clear the body of toxins.
Red tea extract stimulates metabolism and helps clear the body during a diet.
Common bean extract helps neutralise consumed starch, which leads to reducing fat deposits.
Zinc helps maintain normal carbohydrates and acid–base balance.
Chromium maintains normal metabolism and blood sugar level.
Ingredients of the SlimStrong food supplement combined with the physical activity help reduce fat absorption and maintain normal body weight.
Red tea extract stimulates gastric acid production and bowel function, which has an effect on speeding up metabolism and, as a result, fat metabolism. It speeds up the process of eliminating toxins from the body, and also acts as a diuretic.
Chromium contributes to maintaining a normal blood sugar level and normal macronutrient metabolism.How to use
Take one tablet twice daily with water (preferably before a meal). Do not exceed the recommended daily dose, i.e. 2 tablets a day.


Make your diet more effective, efficient weight loss.
It effectively helps keep the optimal body weight. It speeds up fat tissue metabolism, reduces appetite and clears the body of toxins. It stimulates metabolism and neutralises consumed starch.


Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. This product should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women and children.Storage conditionsPackage contains of 30 film-coated tablets; Dietary supplement; Marketing Authorization Holder: Starpharma Sp. z o.o.